How To Order
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At we want you to have peace of mind with your ordering and the opportunity to be in control of the outcome. You see, we are not are just creating this for you - we "both" are creating this wonderful result for you.
Be careful and make sure you are ordering the correct color and size...

Please Note: For Custom Wigs you'll need to send us your correct measurements and color choice. If you are confident of the size and color you are ordering then you can simply skip this next section and go straight to Order by marking the size, color, and other attributes you would like.

If you are unsure of your specifics, then download the instructions on the Fitting Sheet below for proper measurement as well as our Color Chart to choose your desired color.

Take Your Measurements - Easy Steps:

1) You'll need to have a tape measure, a pen and paper available to write down your measurements and color choice.

2) Download the Fitting Sheet and follow the illustrations on how to measure and write them down.

3) To measure your head circumference, find a flexible seamstress measuring tape. Start at your forehead, just above your eyebrows; proceed toward one side of your head, following the hairline. When you reach the ear area, take the tape behind the ears. Follow the tape all the way around the head, meeting up at your forehead in the front. When you have that measurement, this is your head circumference.

Measuring InstructionsGREAT! Now fill in the measurements on the web site Order form.


Standard Sizes:
For standard wig sizes (non-custom):
Sometimes all three of your basic measurements may not match exactly to one on the size chart. If this is the case, then choose the size that corresponds to the largest measurement.
The Velcro-TM tabs inside some wigs adjust up to 1" larger or smaller for a secure fit. Cap sizes in inches:

Measurements for Stock Cap Sizing

Size Circumference Front to Nape Ear -Top-Ear Ear-Front-Ear Temple-Back-Temple
XS 20 13 12.25 10.75 15
S 20.50 13.25 12.50 11 15.25
M 21 13.50 12.75 11.25 15.50
L 21.50 13.75 13 11.50 15.75
Note: XXS and XL Available via Custom Order Only
XXS 19.50 12.75 12 10.50 14.75
XL 22 14 13.25 11.75 16


Color Chart:

Write down the color you would like as well as a second color choice.

Or... for further accuracy of your Size or Color follow these steps.

We suggest you request our " Perfect Fit/Color" package (see Order page) which includes one cap in your requested cap size, in addition to 2 other caps that are smaller and larger for you to try on so you'll know exactly how your piece is going to feel. We suggest you try on each cap and wear the one you like for 10-15 minutes to be sure. Make sure to move your head around to get an accurate sense of this size. The cap should fit snug but not give you a headache. Most of our caps fit about 1/2" -1" under your occipital bone (just above the nape of your neck). See are our Cap Measurements ABOVE.

Additionally in the " Perfect Fit/Color" package are the color/s you have chosen which we suggest you only look at in Natural Sun Light ONLY. Inside lighting or "daylight fluorescent lighting" WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE CORRECT COLOR READ, so be sure to go outside and look with a mirror in hand and a pad and paper to write down color/s.

Do you want us to match your exact color?

Be sure to choose: 'Send Own Hair for Color Match' at the very bottom of the drop down menu for "Select Hair Color" or "Alternate Color" on the Order page.

You are also welcome to send us a hair sample of the color you desire and we'll match it (Added charge: $200). We prefer a human hair sample. Keep in mind that if you decide to send us a synthetic hair sample there is always a slight difference in the color hue between synthetic and human hair and although it will be a very close match it most likely will not be exact.

The cost for the " Perfect Fit/Color" package is $125 which is added to the cost of your order. This is 100% refundable when the complete package is returned within 10 days of your paid invoice in its same excellent condition or of course you may keep the package.

A Note about the Color Chart:
Hair color may vary depending on the calibration of your computer monitor or printer.

Hair color is also effected by:
1) Photographer's lighting that is brighter than normal.
2) Camera settings can change the appearance from one extreme to another. We try to mimic the natural colors as best we can for Web use.

A Note about Texture:
If your hair is more than one texture or if you're texture is different than what we offer on the order page and you want us to match your "exact" texture, send us your hair sample and we'll match it! ($200 charge)

Hair Textures

Added Cut-In/Styling:
If you have ordered a style that is close to what your hair looks like but not "exact", let our professional stylists match it for you! ($125 charge)

Extend the Shelf Life of Your Wig Order an extra oz. of hair for future Needs: wigs are made of premium quality human hair and ventilated with excellence. However, over time with the amount of brushing we do repeatedly to our "little ladies", it can cause 'her' to lose a little hair and over time, the piece will need this hair replaced. Instead of purchasing a new wig when an area of thinning begins to appear, you may wish to order an extra ounce of hair at the time of your order. If the wig has been maintained correctly and the cap is in good condition, you can send the wig back to us with your purchase of hair and we'll ventilate it into the wig for you. Voila, you'll have a fresh wig again. The cost of ventilation will depend on the amount of work needed. Ventilation costs are $60 dollars an hour. Usually the cost of normal hair loss will bring this total to approx, $350 plus shipping and handling. If the hair loss is more sporadic the costs can be $200-$250 plus shipping and handling. There is a button for this option on the Order page.

Using Your Own Hair for Making a Wig:
Many customers ask if we can make a wig using their own hair. Yes we can. Wearing a wig made with your own hair, or hair provided by someone who cares, is very special and satisfying. The hair that works best is hair that has never been processed or dyed. Hair that has been processed will possibly have breakage when it is ventilated into the wig base. The professionals at will decide if the hair is sufficient after seeing your hair. You will then be notified. Any hair that is not correct will be discarded.

How much does it cost?
The cost is about $750 for a shoulder length wig (about 12 inches) or shorter and goes up as you increase in length.

How long does it take?
It can take from as little as 2 weeks up to 8 weeks depending on the wig type, as follows:
1) A multi-skin top wig takes about 8 weeks.
2) A French part wig takes about 4 weeks.
3) Adding hair to a readymade wig takes about 2-3 weeks.

Note: Multi-skin top means you can change the location of the part. French part means the part is fixed in the place you choose.

Cutting your ponytail:
Step #1: Before you cut your hair, it needs to be se cured in a ponytail so it all runs in the same direction. (It would be good to put several bands, one every few inches.) You can cut one ponytail or several smaller ones to maximize the length.
How long does the ponytail need to be? The minimum would be 8 inches. (Between 1-2 inches will be used for tying the knots to secure the hair to the wig.)

How much hair is needed?
It takes 3 ponytails to make a wig. We will match your hair color and texture to complete the wig. (If family and/or friends donate hair that is not your color, it could be dyed or exchanged for the right color.)

Step #2: Determine the size of the wig you will need. View wig size chart above. View these and Instructions for Measuring above.

Step #3: Mail us the ponytail with your contact information and request. It would be best to enclose (or email) a before photo showing how you wore your hair or how they want it to look.

Mail your ponytails to:
Attention: My Own Hair Wig
10390 Wilshire Boulevard #806
Los Angeles, CA 90024

We also accept hair donations for those who are less fortunate.