Courtesy of Personal Hair Loss Consultant Amy Gibson

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Amy Gibson Helps Women in Cancer Treatment Centers


Amy, you are not just a person that sold a wig to me (anyone can do that) but you genuinely care about things and what a person is going through. After working with you, I have learned to successfully handle my hair loss and love myself so much more. You and your stylist helped me feel much more confident! I adore my "New Hair" and you were right... no one can tell it"s not mine!
- Stella, cancer survivor, Ridgecrest, CA


Meeting Amy was a wonderful experience and her positive attitude made losing my hair less difficult. I was delighted to have her help when selecting my hairpieces. She is so encouraging that you feel that you can handle any problem. Thank you, Amy, for your "life-support."
- Alison, cancer survivor, Simi Valley, CA


If there is anything I have learned from Amy it’s that just because I have lost my hair does not mean I am any less of a woman. In fact I am more of a fabulous woman now than I have ever been.
Terry, cancer survivor, Beverly Hills, CA


With Amy's 'Dream Team' I got my life back.
- Georgia, Actress, Los Angeles, CA


I want to thank you again for all of your help. You are one of the many angels that have come my way.
- Pamela, cancer survivor, San Diego


Amy is the first person I have ever met that truly understands what I am going through. The wig she made for me is so beautiful and real looking that after leaving her salon I was in the elevator and a woman turned to me and said "I love your hair"! After purchasing her products, I feel more self-confident about my appearance and am much happier in my life!
- Tracie, Huntington Beach, CA


Your wigs are spectacular... they are part of my life. How can I ever thank you for giving me back my self esteem?
- Terry, Middle School Principle, Pensacola, FL


I was too frightened to make the one change that was holding my life back.  I just didn’t know where to begin. You made me feel safe enough to take that first step.
- Amaal, Lupus Patient, Madras, India


What Amy is doing for so many people will make a tremendous impact in the medical community as well as for thousands of people dealing with the effects of hair loss.
- Dr. Joseph K., Los Angeles, CA


Amy was my hope and inspiration – she guided me through the ways to handle intimacy with a man and hair loss with practical suggestions...
- Amy, alopecia survivor, Los Angeles, CA


I have to tell you that this hair is absolutely sensational.  To even call it a “wig” seems inaccurate.
- Stacey, Police Officer, Long Beach, CA


Working with Amy changed my life forever. For years I felt like a freak. Now I love myself with or without hair.
- Lisa, Encino, CA



Although I am not ill, I do not have very healthy or beautiful hair. Before meeting Amy my social life had come to a complete stop. I didn't feel pretty and so I didn't wanted anyone to see me. It's as if all of a sudden, the hair I am wearing is really like my own. Finding Amy has changed my life; I feel really beautiful for the first time.
- Paula, Miami, FL