Wig Maintenance
CH Wig Maintenance
Here is your package along with some instructions. Remember: If you are washing Synthetic Pieces, they have curl and color memory, meaning they should go back to their original style after washing. Human hairpieces need more styling and care.

The CES Chevaux Shampoo/Conditioner package will greatly extend the shelf life of your wig. Just follow the simple directions on the bottles and you'll do fine.

Maintaining the Piece
Depending on how much you wear the piece and your level of perspiration, your piece would probably do fine with 1 shampoo every 2 to 3 weeks.

Brush hair first to remove tangles.

I've always had a better result when I place my piece on a wig head (styrofoam is best but canvas is fine) and use small T-Pins to securely attach my piece to the head. I have found this to be successful in reducing the amount of inversion (hair coming back into the base of the cap). Or you can hold the piece in the front the front of the hair line and continue with the following:

Fill a basin or bowl with warm water and add about tablespoon worth of shampoo to the water. Mix into the water and immerse the piece. Keep hair flowing one direction - do not twirl the piece in water - as you dip and drag the piece through the shampoo. Rinse shampoo by running the faucet over the hair in one direction (or turn wig inside out and rinse hair in one direction). You can also fill a basin with cool water and dip and drag the piece through until water is clear.

To condition, either apply a small amount directly to the hair (avoiding the base) or emulsify a small amount in warm water, and immerse hair (trying to avoid getting conditioner on the base as it tends to loosen knotting). Leave in for a few minutes and rinse using the same technique employed for rinsing out the shampoo.

Optional Styling Gel or Control Spray can be used
--for finishing
• A little of the Thermal Protector
--which you should always use when applying heat
--products to human hair
• Optional Odor Deodorizer

  Drying the Piece
Place wet item on either a friction free towel or an absorbent towel and blot gently on a hard surface. Do not rub the wet hair. Avoid brushing the wet piece, but rather allow to air dry by placing over a wig stand, Styrofoam head, or here's a quirky one that I use on the road; double fold a wash cloth so it's thick by lays flat and place pc. on the top of bottle.

Avoid using a heat blow dryer on any synthetic fiber as heat can damage the fiber. Use a blow dryer on cool with caution. Steam curlers can be used on both synthetic and human hair successfully.

Stretching the Base
In some cases depending in on the construction and personal fit of the base cap, it may be possible to stretch the base by 1-1 1/4 inches more room. However, this task should only be performed by qualified professionals. charges a nominal fee of $55 plus S&H for the alteration. Click Here to download a diagram to show us where your piece needs to be altered.

IMPORTANT - Always keep your scalp clean by wiping it with a warm washcloth or cotton ball with toner on it. Yonka Toner or Witch Hazel is terrific. You can find it at most beauty supply stores. However, just keeping it clean with soap and water is usually good enough.

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Amy Gibson