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European Hair Wigs Tailored for Cancer and Alopecia Warriors

Amy Gibson’s Concierge Services at CreatedHair Make WigShopping a Breeze!

With Amy’s guidance, you’ll discover not only the ideal comfortable wig that suits your style using a simple process that ensures you get the perfect look you’re after,
but all the ways to live a normal life in “Alternative Hair”.


  • Receive: Guidance through the Cancer / Alopecia hair loss process

  • Explore: Visit the website to browse various wig and topper styles.

  • Choose: Pick the style you love and envision wearing.

  • Consult: Schedule a call with Amy for a personalized consultation.

  • Tailor: Discuss details with Amy to find the perfect wig match.

  • Save: Half of the consultation fee is deducted from the wig’s purchase price.


For 20 years, and Salons have been recognized worldwide for providing peace of mind and excellent personal service to those experiencing any type of hair loss from Alopecia, Cancer, or medical condition by offering beautiful comfortable hair solutions. If you are undergoing cancer treatment we know you are on ‘information overload’. We will carefully walk you through this hair loss journey so you’re fully informed and less stressed.

We believe the ultimate experience is authenticity. Our naturally beautiful, completely breathable, Premium European Human Hair Wig Designs as well as High Grade Synthetic Wigs available for the active person will give you the freedom and discretion you desire. The attentive personal guidance you’ll receive will help you understand exactly what you are buying and why it’s the correct solution. This way you’re always in control and our award-winning stylists will help you look and feel like ‘you’ again so no one finds out about your secret!

Browse Our Selection of Styles then Book Your Meeting with Amy Today!

The first wig liner of it’s kind – reduces irritation & discomfort!

Reversible Band for woman to prevent wig slippage!

Reversible Band for woman to prevent wig slippage!

Discreet Carryall for Wigs and Extensions w/ Accessories

Book by Amy Gibson on Life and Love with Hair Loss


Testimonials From Our Clients

“I recently was introduced to Amy Gibson with Created Hair. Of course I was a little uncomfortable for me as I am going through chemotherapy I knew I would be losing my hair. Upon first meeting she helped select a wig that looked just like my real hair color and we then went on to style it similar to how I normally wear my hair.

In paying for a wig, you can order one off the Internet however, the service you get from Amy is second to none. I would have had no clue what to do with the wig once it came, no idea on how to secure, maintain, it or style it.  She also has a firm understanding of the whole chemo process and what to expect when it comes to hair loss.

She has been absolutely amazing through this process and very supportive. I highly recommend her to anyone that is going through this and needs to get a proper hairpiece.  And more than anything, she has taken an uncomfortable situation and turned it around to be enjoyable and inspiring!!!”

Lisa R., Los Angeles, CA
“Amy and her team are amazing. They made my mom’s experience very comfortable and gave her back the confidence she lost. At 86 years old losing your hair to chemo treatment was not some thing she expected, but ever since getting the wig and having it styled at Amy’s salon, she’s been so happy and upbeat. Amy was kind enough to help me find the perfect style from an old picture I sent her. Amy I appreciate you making a difference in our lives.”
Beverly B. , Palm Springs, CA

“This has been an absolutely amazing experience from my very first contact with Amy to walking out of her place with my new ‘hair style’.  Friends wanted to know the name of the salon I went to…they said that my hair has never looked better.  And they’re right! I decided to look upon my hair loss as an opportunity to have the hair I’ve always wanted rather than to mourn something over which I have no control. Amy and her team made that dream a reality. Thank you…”

Gale A., Pasadena, CA

“Amy is always there when I need her – weekdays, weekends –  She’s always understood what I need.  As a person with alopecia it’s never been easy for me to talk about my condition but with Amy I’ve always felt completely comfortable.   I would recommend her company to anyone with alopecia or other hair issues.   Her salon is an oasis of peace and security.”

Andree J. , Los Angeles, CA

“We are so thankful for Amy Gibson; she is absolutely God sent! My mom has been struggling with thinning hair since her 40’s (now 74) and she wanted to finally do something about it. We wanted someone who would understand her needs, given she was older in age and not looking for a full or stylish wig, plus something which was easy to wear without too much work, and it was important my mom found a wig that reelected her age, changing hair color, and soft image. After a few failed attempts we were lucky to reach out to CreatedHair. Amy was kind, compassionate, thoughtful, loving, patient and provided so many options that were natural, easy, and convenient for my mom. I was so impressed with how she was able to communicate with my mom and engaged my mom in a way that made her feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. I would recommend Amy Gibson (CreatedHair) to anyone. Amy’s skillsets go beyond just some someone looking for a hair piece or wig, she gets it on all levels for whatever your need is (from medical, fun, natural hair loss, and so much more)! Thank you, Amy!”

Sue V., Culver City, CA

At 13, Amy began her tumultuous journey with Alopecia Areata, an immune disorder that causes different stages of hair loss. Amy tried every medical and alternative treatment imaginable for Alopecia without success.

Just five weeks before beginning a leading role in General Hospital as her body rejected one of the treatments, she lost her hair completely.

Amy has since become the leading personal consultant to women afflicted with hair loss in the U.S….