10 reasons why CreatedHair.com is your best choice

You don’t like surprises and neither do we. We make sure you receive exactly what you have ordered in your correct size, color and style

We only send out first quality, unused merchandise by the designers represented. We do NOT sell seconds, returned merchandise, used merchandise, or substandard knock-offs. CreatedHair.com has excellent quality control. Every piece is heavily inspected before leaving our warehouse.

Our prices are highly competitive for the quality products and personalized services we offer. Nobody else on the Internet offers the type of service we offer, at such competitive prices.

We do not sell wigs out of our home. We are a reputable retail establishment in business for 18 years where we offer in-house private discreet wig consultations by appointment by calling 877-FOR WIGS. (367-9447)

We can special order any wig in any line we carry. This is where we take one of our premium European Wigs from our stock and customize it for you.

This could mean adding highlights or lowlights, altering the size to give you more a more comfortable fit, or styling it to your match your perfect desired look.

Our team will look at custom designing any look you have in mind for your wig or top piece. Depending on the design, there may be an additional charge for a full custom design.

We keep your wig information on file for easy reorders. You no longer need to keep track of it all. Just contact us for reorders, and we’ll take care of the rest! (No more keeping up with wig names or color numbers… we’ll keep you organized!) Easy!

If you have a problem, you can call us! We are easy to get in touch with and offer personal help and service. Call us, and you can easily access real humans who want to help!

We respect your privacy and never give out any of your information to anyone for any reason.

CreatedHair.com has put together an hair loss gold standard Advisory Board to help answer all your questions.

CreatedHair.com has been created by Amy Gibson, a sufferer herself who has been without hair and an active wig wearer for 25 years. It has been built with Intention and Integrity. She walks in your shoes daily, has endured much of the emotions that accompany hair loss and understands the difference between good and bad product. Amy doesn’t offer anything she wouldn’t personally wear or use herself.