Amy Gibson Helps Women in Cancer Treatment Centers

Amy Gibson is the leading Personal Consultant in the country for women suffering from this condition.

As the founder of, Amy has created a company for women to turn to for solid solutions as she addresses the concerns of women globally who are living with the effects of hair loss as well as those who are seeking to renew their appearance, self-esteem and radiant healthfulness.

Designers and manufacturers of the finest quality hair pieces available, offers stylish, feather-weight hair pieces that are comfortable, easy to wear, promote discretion and don’t look ‘wiggy’.

Her newest line, CreatedHair Designs was created for the woman seeking original premium quality hair pieces at affordable prices.

More than simply providing a way for those with hair loss to ‘replace their hair’, Amy Gibson has given thousands of women a way to feel whole and good about themselves again in spite of what can be a debilitating loss of self-image, sensuality and confidence.

Working at the bedside with cancer patients at a time when they most needed it, Amy has been a bridge for chemotherapy patients and others who have lost their hair and courage, giving them hope, inner strength and the tools necessary for living a fully active life.

Amy’s commitment to helping other women comes from her own tumultuous journey with Alopecia Areata (Aloe – peesha Ah – ree – ahtah; an immune disorder that causes different stages of hair loss).

Her struggle began at the age of 13 while starring in the daytime drama, Love of Life. At that time, little was known about alopecia so she had to learn to cope with her “Crowning Glory” literally, ‘on the job’ while creating ways to still keep her secret. Today these same techniques – her “Pearl Program” – has been shared with thousands of women worldwide.

When Ms. Gibson began losing her hair, there was no readily available information about where to find a good wig, how to pick the right color, style and fit, or how to care for a wig. Most importantly, there was no forum for the crucial personal support needed to deal with the dramatic emotional and psychological upheaval of losing your hair.

Amy Gibson:
The Voice of Hair Loss™

  • Cancer Hair Loss Consultant
  • Innovative Wig Designer
  • National Hair Loss Spokesperson
  • Soap Opera Star

Over the next 20 years while starring on numerous television shows such as The Young and The Restless, The Facts of Life and Happy Days, Amy tried every medical and alternative treatment imaginable for alopecia without success. Just five weeks before beginning a leading role at General Hospital as her body rejected one of the treatments, she lost her hair completely. After a small meltdown, she was determined that “the show must go on”. Amy privately made a deal with the Executive Producer to protect her secret by turning her character into one with different dialects and looks utilizing wigs.

Ms. Gibson developed the techniques necessary to keep her secret while still living a normal life off the set. Like any other woman she contemplated: How do you date? What to do when he reaches behind your neck? How do you exercise comfortably? What do I do when the wind blows? Amy was determined to never let her hair loss stop her from enjoying the pleasures of life. Thus her Pearl Program was born, which teaches women how to have intimacy while wearing a wig without their partner ever discovering her secret.

Amy Gibson has since become the country’s leading personal consultant to women afflicted with hair loss and is a national spokesperson and alopecia activist. She has spoken openly in the press and before the State Legislature of California in her efforts to bring attention to the issues surrounding hair loss for women and present viable solutions. She has been active in Girls Inc., a non-profit organization that assists girls at risk in building self-esteem, many of whom have relatives with hair loss, and is an honorary board member for I’m a Kid Foundation, which educates children in the classroom about baldness.

The main intention behind everything Amy does centers upon “helping women look beautiful and feel complete from the inside out.”

Ms. Gibson’s innovative and resilient spirit that led her to find solutions in her own life resulted in her creating an international wig line that features the First Women’s Swim Wig and the First Women’s Intimacy System with the revolutionary Cyberhair.

Most recently, Amy has launched her national support group Amy’s Wig Workshops which aids women across the U.S. in wig-use education but most importantly reminds them as her byline states, We Are More Than Just Hair®.

Now, with, Ms. Gibson continues her ongoing journey to create innovative products and bring peace of mind to women suffering from hair loss.

As one of the most sought-after female hair loss consultants and former leading wig consultant for the popular Internet site, WebMD, she has shared her story in the national media on FOX Nightly News, NBC Nightly News, ABC News, CNN, The Today Show, The Insider, The Tyra Banks Show, Woman’s Day and People Magazine.


Testimonials from our clients

“Amy was my hope and inspiration – she guided me through the ways to handle intimacy with a man and hair loss with practical suggestions.”