Createdhair for Men


6 Simple Things:

Quality Hair
Fine Materials
Good Workmanship
Caring Personal Service
Emmy Nominated Stylists
Commitment to Excellence

We don’t just create your Partial or Full Premium
European hair system for you …We create this with you.

You share in the design of your order.

Our Mold Expert has been creating molds from scratch for over 20 years.

Your specific order will be manufactured from an actual mold of your head made of plaster and the base will perfectly match your scalp curvature.

We customize hair replacement systems to your exact requirements which includes; base size, hair density, hair length, hair color, hair type, gray hair, to make sure that you get a truly personalized and authentic looking hair replacement system that looks like you.

It will FIT the exact area you want to cover.

It will Meet the exact balding pattern of your head.

YOU get to choose:

Your Style,Color, Density, and Part Placement
and Discreet Hairline
Your Base Material according to your life style and density needs.
CreatedHair Premier Custom Men’s Designs are made with the lightest most breathable materials on the market and most gentle and realistic breathable lace or thin skin base, all with the most undetectable authentic hairline.

Color: You get to choose the color that matches your own natural growing hair or add some changes as you like.

If you want to apply some highlights to make your color pop a bit more, no problem. We can do this ‘in house’ for you with our Emmy Nominated colorist. Again giving you the opportunity to be in control and the make changes or additions needed for your desired look.

If you want to add some Gray in the temple area, No Problem because we create our own gray colors to match your desired look.

Curl and Wave: You get to decide the Curl and Wave degree so that the hair system can blend in with your own remaining growing hair naturally.

And even if you want more way like this… we can do it.

In the making . . . Custom Heavy Density with Wave.

Density: Our CreatedHair experienced experts will help you choosing your proper hair density (thickness) in the whole unit or in different areas to achieve matching your current look or you have the opportunity here to create an entirely new look for yourself!

Part: Maybe you want your order with a particular desired part placement, or with a multi directional part, brushed forward or back. CreatedHair makes anything possible.

Workmanship: Every single strand of hair is hand-tied to the lace or injected into the poly base in the style you choose and then one of our stylists (or your own if you choose) will complete your order with the finishing touches needed for compete discretion.

Undetectable Hair Line: The most important way to create a realistic hair line is to bleach the knots. You have the option of having bleached knots either just around the perimeter or the parting area, or even throughout your hair system to make your hairline totally invisible and undetectable.

All of this to meet your highest quality expectations.

Our excellent technicians begin constructing your system with the basic raw materials. Your system is custom-made throughout the manufacturing process.

No pre-used material is included in your system. It is new from start to finish.