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Feel and Look like Yourself… Again!

If you are suffering from hair loss, the emotional distress can be brutal. In my experience, anyone who has ever suffered the effects of this just wants is their confidence back.

That’s what I do. I help you take all of that self-consciousness and throw it out the window to give you the opportunity to look like yourself again. It doesn’t have to mean perpetual suffering and embarrassment.

I’m here to help you embrace this process

let you be yourself, again!

Personalized Service for the discerning Woman

There are a multitude of reasons that people reach out for help with what I do, but at the end of the day, you really just want to feel normal and ease the suffering of hair loss. I’m here to help you take control and get your mojo back!

There are a lot of places to purchase a wig. Most of them are pretty basic and don’t give you the option of bringing your personality into your look. I offer personalized service and styling that isn’t available anywhere else. I can help match you to the wig you want with the style you prefer and avoid all those “out of the box” solutions.

Take control

get your mojo back

Amy Gibson is your guide to dealing with hair loss of all kinds.

My Personal Reasons for Opening Created Hair

As you know, everything takes place in the mind first, so the first place to start is with the right perspective.

What I am referring to is seeing this wig as a fabulous accessory like ‘heels and lipstick’ and have fun with this process. It’s not an “obligation” …. after all, no one has fun they feel obligated to do something right?

One of the things that helped me in the beginning of my hair loss and wig journey, was when I forced myself out of the drama and depression and just decided that this was a time I could have any hair I wanted! And you can too!

You can look the exact same way or with even better hair … How awesome an opportunity is that! And now there is no need to spend all that time to get your hair looking good — now you’re out of the house in less than 10minutes!

My goal is to help women realize that human hair wigs or our finest synthetic wigs are much simpler solutions for this sensitive issue than they may know. It’s absolutely possible to look just like you, keep your discretion and be comfortable in the interim.

CreatedHair.com has an exclusive salon located just 5 minutes from Beverly Hills, where you can make an appointment for a free consultation where you’ll have the opportunity to get educated and explore trying on different wigs until we find one that resonates with you.

If there is something you need to know that is not listed just write me: amy@ and I’ll get back to you.

We carry hats for cancer patients seeking style and comfort as well as a wonderful chemotherapy skin care line designed specifically for the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

And for the woman who is just looking to expand on her looks, we can create anything you want. How fun!

In addition we offer the newest innovative swim wig design; The Water Wig and our CH Active Wigs. It’s so light it’s like “wearing air” and is intended to give you ease, freedom and comfort – all day as well as when you work out. Now wig wearers can get everything they need – in one place. I always suggest getting an active wig to extend the shelf life of your beautiful human hair wig.

The wonderful team at CreatedHair will customize and match your Synthetic and Human Hair wigs so you can interchange them when needed and no one will know your secret!

You are not alone and we are here to help. Our sections under “Guidance” will hopefully give you some emotional tools and step by step instructions to help you through the process of living with alopecia hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment or any other hair loss problems.

Call us any time.


Amy Gibson

Take the next step.