If you choose to Ski or Sleep in your wig here are a few tips to care for your beautiful “little friend” and prevent tangling and frizz.

If you take care of her ~ she will take of you!

The first thing you need to do is divide your hair in half.

Concentrate on one side at a time. Begin with the left-hand side.

Take that side and pull it around to your forehead.

Now you want to take a hair clip and clip the hair down.

When you look at the side of the hair, it should look smooth.

The right-hand side of hair now remains to be wrapped.

Now you want to do the same thing to the right-hand side of your hair.

Take it and gently swing it around to your forehead in the opposite direction.

When you get to the front of your hair, depending on how long it is, it should meet up with the other hair that was pinned.

Adjust the hair in the front along with the other hair.

Pin up the right-hand side of the hair. By now it should be tucked in and pinned neatly.

If You Are Sleeping With Your Wig On:

Once you see what this method of neatly organized hair wrapping provides, to further prevent frizz, you want to take a satin or silk hair scarf and tie it around your hair so that it stays.

This has been used for years by African American women to keep their hair intact and prevent tangling.