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Can I Wear My Wig If I Have My Own Hair?

Answer: Absolutely! Regardless go our level of hair loss, of course, you can ear a wig with your own hair. As with everything on this hair loss journey as long as you have the tools and the knowledge in how to use them, you’ll be successful in creating an authentic look and allow you to keep your discretion.

At CreatedHair we have been designing and providing wigs for women and children with all level of hair loss for 15 years.

What do I do with my own hair?

Answer: You can either put small sections of your hair into pin curls making sure they are pinned flat or take small sections of hair on one side and cross over head to pin onto the opposite side making an X. Repeat until all hair is pinned nice and flat onto the head. This is known as an X-Hair Wrap.
If you choose to Ski or Sleep in your wig or have long hair and want to keep it as flat as possible under your wig to assure a more even natural look, here are few tips to care for your beautiful “little friend” and prevent tangling and frizz. If you take care of her ~ she will take of you!

Amy’s X-Hair Wrap

If you choose to Ski or Sleep in your wig or have long hair and want to keep it as flat as possible under your wig to assure a more even natural look, here are few tips to care for your beautiful “little friend” and prevent tangling and frizz.

If you take care of her ~ she will take of you!


The first thing you need to do is divide your hair in half.


Concentrate on one side at a time.  Begin with the left-hand side.  Take that side and pull it around to your forehead                       while trying not to disturb the hair and the part too much.


Now you want to take a hair clip and clip the hair down. When you look at the side of the hair, it should look smooth.


The right-hand side of hair now remains to be wrapped. Now you want to do the same thing to the right-hand side of hair. Take it and gently swing it around to your forehead in the opposite direction.


When you get to the front of your hair, depending on how long it is, it should meet up with the other hair that was pinned. It should meet up with the other hair that was pinned.


Adjust the hair in the front along with the other hair. Pin up the right-hand side of hair.  By now it should be tucked in and pinned neatly.


If You Are Sleeping With Your Wig On: Once you see what this method of neat organized hair wrapping provides, to further prevent frizz, you want to take a satin or silk hair scarf and tie it around your hair so that it stays. This has been used for years by African American women to keep their hair in tact and prevent tangling.

Note: Ladies, if you plan on using some of your hair, remember to either match the wig color as close as possible to your own hair or to have your own hair colored to match the wig. If your own hair is slightly darker or lighter than the wig that also can add to the look of a great highlight or lowlight. Have fun with this process. It’s what wigs are all about. Enhancing our look, raising our self-esteem and owning our power.

What If I have No Hair – How Does My Wig Stay On?

ANSWER: If you have no hair, we suggest using double sided wig tape to secure the wig.

What if I have too little hair to clip and too much hair to tape?

ANSWER: If your hair is thin and you do not show this part of your hair in public you can shave it, you can then adhere the wig with wig tape and will make your wig wearing experience much easier.

I’ve noticed that all the wigs I try on in stores or have purchased end up looking like I’m wearing a helmet! How are the wigs designed at CreatedHair any different?

ANSWER: It takes work and year of experience to make a wig that consists of non-breathing hair with no oils, look real. One of our secrets to attaining an authentic look is to add hair where you are challenged with less and use less hair where you have some you are happy with – thus creating even density all around and removing the possibility of looking like you’re wearing a helmet.

Authenticity has been our speciality for years but it’s a process that includes not only the proper base and wig making process but also in the styling which is the finishing touch. CreatedHair stylists, including Emmy Nominated stylist Kathleen Leonard, are some of the most talented in Hollywood and can even work right from your photo to attain the look you care to replicate.

Integration Pieces
This will work most successfully if you hair is thick enough to pull through the crown of the wig. If not it’s best not to order this type of wig and go with our other choices which our CreatedHair staff will be happy to explain to you. Contact: Amy@CreatedHair.com or call 1-877-FOR WIGS (367-9447) (877- 367-9447)
To learn more about the wig process and living an normal active life while wearing wigs and the entire styling process read Amy’s new book: SEX, WIGS AND WHISPERS available at Amazon.

“I took my friend to CreatedHair and met with Amy Gibson. My friend has been suffering from extreme hair thinning and she’s only 28. But meeting Amy today changed her life in two ways: 1. She was with someone who also has alopecia, alleviating so much of her fear. Amy was so incredibly patient; 2. It was amazing how she put her into a beautiful human hair wig, and by the time we were done styling, she looked exactly like herself again and raved about how comfortable and realistic her new wig was. Thank you Amy, you’re a lifesaver!!”

Kelly J.

“After finding out that I was diagnosed with cancer, I wondered if my hair would fall off or not. I finished the first session of chemo and my hair was intact. Days later, I woke up and found big chunks of my hair on my pillow. Being horrified of the sight, I prayed and googled to find a solution for my baldness. That’s when I found Amy Gibson. Immediately, I contacted her and she was very friendly and sensitive to my condition. She offered me a variety of natural looking wigs for my treatment. The quality of the hair is excellent and the services she provided were wonderful. I highly recommend her for any wig needs. Tell her Viviana sent you.”

Viviana M.

“Having suffered from hair loss for my entire adult life has led me on a search for finding a wig stylist who can provide natural looking hair. I’ve struggled with this search for years until meeting Amy. I cannot begin to say enough great things about Amy! She has a perfect balance between doing what I wanted as well as lending her opinions for a great hairstyle. She cares and now my search has finally ended. Thank you Amy I love my new hair!”

Peggy R.