While average-sized wigs tend to fit most customers, the small-sized wig is quite common. Especially with Alopecia Wig wearers. To attain Wig Success it’s important to find out what cap size fits you best. We, therefore, recommend that you measure your head size before deciding on a wig.

If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can download one with the link below and print it out at your home.

How To Measure

Tip: Preparation is the key to success. So you are informed before walking into a store, you’ll need a small tape measure, a pen and paper available to write down your measurements and color choice and follow this chart to identify your closest size.

To measure your head circumference, find a flexible soft measuring tape. Not metal.

Start at your forehead, just above your eyebrows; proceed down one side of your head, following the hairline. When you reach the ear area, take the tape behind the ears. Follow the tape all the way around the head to your nape as shown, follow along the opposite side of your head meeting up at your forehead in the front. When you have that measurement, this is your head circumference.

1. Around the head

Measure all around the head starting from the front hairline, following under the tips of the ears and back under the base of the skull (which is usually 2.5 cm or 1″ above the nape of the hairline.

2. Forehead to nape of the neck

Measure the hairline at the center of the forehead (roughly 2 4/5″ or 7 cm from the eyebrows) straight back over the crown to the center of the hairline at the nape.

3. Ear to ear across forehead

Measure from the hairline at the top front of the ears (behind the sideburns where the hair starts to grow – usually 1 cm or 2/3″ up and forward from the ear), across the hairline on the forehead and back to the same position on the other side.

4. Ear to ear over the forehead

Measure from the hairline where the hair starts above the ear (usually 1 cm or 2/3″ up from the ear) across the crown of the head extending to the hairline on the opposite side.

5. Temple to temple around the back

Measure from the hairline at the back of the temple back horizontally across the peak of the back of the skull.

6. To nape

Measure the width of the nape hairline.

7. Behind ear under occipital bone

Click here for a printable measurement chart

You did GREAT! Now call in your measurements so our CreatedHair Wig Specialist can go over your order. Once an order is taken and payment has been completed, the fun begins!

Your CH Wig specialist will most likely send you caps to try just to confirm your measurements are correct for your order. This way you can achieve your best fit and feel the type of base cap your wig will be made from.

After all, our first concern is your comfort. Almost any style and color can be achieved in a wig, wearing a wig you love to wear is key.

Usual Cap/Circumference (around the head): Sizes:

Petite Cap 20″

Petite/Average Cap 21 1/4”

Average Cap 21 ½ – 22”

Average/Large Cap 22 ½ ” – 23”

Large Cap Size 23 ¼” – 24”