Ok it’s that time. You’ve decided to get yourself a wig. Fabulous!

There are two types of wigs: The one for fun that is different than your normal look and one that holds a close resemblance to your current look which then will make you feel complete and fresh. Let’s quickly take a look at synthetic vs. human hair wigs and what to be aware of to assure you get what you want and deserve – WITHOUT overspending.

You want to make sure of three things: Style, Color and Fit.

Synthetic Wigs


Keep in mind that the secret to any good wig aside from the workmanship and hair quality is the cut. A good stylist can make an inexpensive wig look fabulous and realistic. If you’re trying to match a certain look it’s much easier to bring photos for the stylist to work from than trying to explain it. If you’re out for fun then by all means let the stylist do their thing!


The #1 mistake people make when purchasing a wig is looking at the color indoors. Regardless of how great the lighting may be, you rarely will get a proper color read. Remember Synthetic Hair cannot be dyed. However with Human Hair, as long as it’s in good condition can be colored and streaked to match your own. Definitely, a time to be creative!

When designing a wig for my client, I will often ask, “So did you like your hair?” The common answer has been, “Its OK.” My response is, “OK? Well why would you want just ‘OK’ again? This is a time you can be anyone you want to be, so let’s go for it!” And we have and it always turns out to change their lives.

Tip: Always look at the color of the wig you are considering purchasing in natural light only. Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson to walk you outside with a large mirror to see the color. Or if one is unavailable, go to a window where there is a good amount of light and look at the color. Take your time. Don’t rush. You want to make the correct choice. You deserve it – and you’re paying for a service. Regardless of the amount, a wig is an investment. It’s all about owning your power here ladies.


Make sure it’s comfortable. The last thing you want is to get a wig for fun and be so hot you can’t wait to rip it off your head. This can definitely ruin a lovely evening.

Tip: Try to find a thin breathable base. Synthetics have come a long way in the past decade and it’s easier to find wigs with thinner wig bases. There are still many types with a thicker base, but if you have the choice, stick to wigs that don’t bunch up with a lot of inner material.

Tip: Hold the wig up to the light and as I always say, “If you can see through it, you can breathe through it!”

Ready-made wigs usually come in a medium (22-inch circumference) More manufacturers have been offering their products in small (20-20 1/2 circumference.)

Human Hair Wig

Most people who are purchasing human hair do so because they want to create a look similar to their own. To achieve this, make sure that the base of the wig allows for a secure fit. If not you’ll have areas that gather which will create a thicker or different look than your own head shape and size. Getting the fit as close as possible allows the hair to lay better as well.

Amy’s Favorites

Hand-tied; because of its natural look, Silicone; because of the way it grabs my scalp, Close Wefted; because of its comfort level.

Wigs are a wonderful accessory that can allow you to be anyone you want to be! And if you desire to look just like you but with better hair, wigs are the best avenue to successfully accomplish that.

If you’re dealing with hair loss there is absolutely no reason to stop your life just because you are wearing a wig. All you need is the right wig and the tools, and you can live a fulfilling ‘normal’ joyful life just like any woman with hair!

There are many more wonderful and useful tips in Sex, Wigs and Whispers available on

And remember girls, we are more than just hair!

Amy Gibson
The Voice of Hair Loss™