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What Stage Of Hair Loss Are You In?

To stay empowered and make correct decisions… it’s important to know. However uncomfortable it may be to see this chart, it’s important to understand your hair condition when deciding on what type hair design you want to purchase and live in. If your hair has been at one stage for a long time, then you have a better idea what to order.

If you notice your hair is in constant movement from stage to stage, or you’re uncertain about your possible future hair loss, then it’s best to plan for not only your present situation but for the future as well. If ordering a Wig Topper, you may want to save money and go a bit larger in size to plan for this possibility of more loss.

Determine your stage of hair loss with this chart.

“Amy, you are not just a person that sold a wig to me (anyone can do that) but you genuinely care about things and what a person is going through. After working with you, I have learned to successfully handle my hair loss and love myself so much more. You and your stylist helped me feel much more confident! I adore my “New Hair” and you were right… no one can tell it’s not mine!”


“I want to thank you again for all of your help. You are one of the many angels that have come my way.”


“Amy is the first person I have ever met that truly understands what I am going through. The wig she made for me is so beautiful and real looking that after leaving her salon I was in the elevator and a woman turned to me and said “I love your hair”! After purchasing her products, I feel more self-confident about my appearance and am much happier in my life!”