Amy Gibson’s Concierge Services at CreatedHair Make Wig Shopping a Breeze!

With Amy’s guidance you’ll discover not only the ideal comfortable wig that suits your style using a simple process that ensures you get the perfect look you’re after,
but all the ways to live a normal life in “Alternative Hair”.


  • Receive: Guidance through the Cancer / Alopecia hair loss process

  • Explore: Visit the website to browse various wig and topper styles.

  • Choose: Pick the style you love and envision wearing.

  • Consult: Schedule a call with Amy for a personalized consultation.

  • Tailor: Discuss details with Amy to find the perfect wig match.

  • Save: Half of the consultation fee is deducted from the wig’s purchase price.


Create Your Masterpiece!

Here are just some examples of the talented work performed by our Emmy Nominated Celebrity Stylist Kathleen Leonard

The secret is to have fun while finding what
makes you look and feel your best!

3 Colors: Tiger Streaks, Med Brown, Golden Honey Blonde, Soft Platinum Blonde Subtle

5 colors: Dark Brown, Med Brown, Auburn, Medium Blonde, Platinum Blonde. Approx. completion time 1-2 weeks

Multi- 3 colors- Med Brown, Golden Honey Blonde, Platinum Blonde Subtle Roots

3 colors: Med Brown, Golden Honey Blonde, Soft Platinum Blonde. Subtle Roots

Gold, Strawberry, Platinum Blonde, Ash Brown

4 Color Blonde/Ash Brown/Dark Brown/Platinum

Multi- 3 colors- Med Brown, Golden Honey Platinum Blonde, High Platinum Blonde. Subtle Roots

3 colors: Mixed Subtle Streaks, Med Brown, Ash Blonde, Ash Platinum Blonde, Subtle Roots

2 colors: Mixed Subtle Streaks, Med Brown, Ash Dark Blonde

2 colors: Golden Blonde / Platinum Blonde, No Roots

Yellow Blonde

4 Color Chunky Blonde Streaks / Subtle Roots


  • Approx. completion time 1-2 weeks depending on the current color schedule.

  • Cost will vary depending on desired look requested.

  • Basic Color starts at $175.

  • More complex colors range from $275-$600.

  • Please call the office for added color quote.

  • Choosing Your Color: You can choose from our many colors or send us sample colors you would like us to do.

  • You will be sent color rings to choose from for your color.

  • As every batch of virgin hair is off someone’s head, each hair bundle will take color slightly differently but we will get as close as the hair will allow.

  • Mixed Subtle Streaks are a mixture of small and medium streaks.

  • Subtle Streaks are small streaks all over.

  • Tiger Streaks are very obvious 1-2” inch streaks all over in a defined line and very timely to do. Added Cost and delivery time.

  • Chunky Streaks are large obvious streaks.

  • CreatedHair reserves the right to refuse any wig we feel will not hold up against the color process due to damaged or fragile hair or wig base and may have a chance of getting ruined in the color process.


Testimonials from our clients

“Amy was my hope and inspiration – she guided me through the ways to handle intimacy with a man and hair loss with practical suggestions.”