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Wig Descriptions

Premium Design Wigs are created from the finest European Luxury Hair available.

The Luxury Hair used for all CreatedHair products are cut directly from ponytails of all colors and textures. The cuticles are all left intact making all the hair aligned in one direction, retaining its shine and texture wash after wash.

Our Premium Design Wigs are created with the latest in contemporary fashion and sewn with precision detail to give long-lasting glamour and comfort. Highly skilled hand workers called ventilators, take the time to knot one and two hairs at a time into the cap.

The knots are then bleached to assure them being invisible to the naked eye and allowing you to further keep your “secret.”

To achieve a gorgeous look and feel depends not only on hair quality, but the comfort of the experience is largely dependent the base cap. CreatedHair caps are made of weightless silks, air lace and advanced meshes to make our hairpieces snug, supple and flattering.

Premium Design Wigs are made with several different bases to choose from; Fully Hand-Tied, Close Wefted Back, 1/2 Hand-Tied 1/2 wefted back, Open Wefted, French Silk Top, and part Silicone. All have a stretchable mesh to allow for added comfort.

A term for individual hair fiber that is tied by hand onto the wig cap/base using a single or double knot. Offers styling flexibility and resembles the movement of natural hair. CH 100% Hand-Tied wigs offers a light weight breathable see-thru mesh cap. They are labor intensive. It takes a worker many weeks to completely finish a hand tied a wig, and after this, the wig still needs to be hand cut, and color may be added to match your look.


A hand tied wig cap base example.

Just keep in mind as wonderfully realistic looking and comfortable as a 100% hand-tied wig can be, they all have a tendency to stretch over time. The good thing is that CreatedHair has an excellent repair team on hand to do alterations and take in the piece if needed for a small charge.

Closed Wefted

An example of a closed wefted wig cap.
Another view example of a closed wefted wig cap.

The closed wefted cap has a natural skin top that resembles a scalp. From the crown to the nape, there is a single piece of stretch material with wefts sewn horizontally across from ear to ear. This cap has a snugger fit and because the single piece of material is completely closed to the head, it prevents hair from the head from coming through. Wefts will often times hold hair in the cap more securely than hand-tied caps. Due to the snug fit, many women wearing wigs for Alopecia or wigs for cancer prefer the closed wefted cap.

Open Wefted Caps

An example of a open wefted wig cap.
Another example of a open wefted wig cap.

The open wefted cap has a natural skin top that resembles a scalp.

also known as “Capless” wigs. They are constructed from rows of wefts (fringes) of synthetic fiber or human hair that have been sewn together into the shape of a cap, but do not have an underlying solid cap, per se.

There is open wefted that work best for those with hair. For those with thin or no hair we suggest close wefted back which has a lining that covers the wefts.

As in Closed Wefted Caps – Open Wefted also have wefts in the back from the crown to the nape, sewn horizontally across from ear to ear. The area between each weft is open so the cap does not feel as tight on the head. When pinning a wig up, the open wefts allow the pins to go through the cap and be fastened to the hair growing from the head, which assures a firmed hold. The open wefts also allow more ventilation to the scalp.

A great option to consider is 1/2 Hand-Tied /1/2 wefted back. These have hair sewn in by hand on top with close wefted back.

Silicone Close Wefted Cap – Increased Security

A silicone closed wefted wig cap offers increased security.

The silicone closed wefted cap offers a comfortable silicone in key area around the cap to prevent the wig from slipping. It allows the wig wearer the ultimate comfort and security without the use of clips, combs, glues and tapes. This cap is ideal for women suffering from any type of full hair loss.

Orphic – All Lace Top

An example of an orphic all-lace top wig cap.

This is an all-lace top, considered the most mysterious and most realistic. This design is very delicate and requires extra care when styling   as it’s more fragile than Mono Top or French Silk Top .

Available in close-wefted, open-wefted, and hand-tied constructions.

Lace Front Cap

Lace front caps offer realistic looking hair lines.

It creates a realistic looking hairline. When properly worn with a special adhesive, it is almost undetectable that it is not the wearer’s own growing hair. This is best for those wearing their hair back or parted down the center.

All of our styles are available with or without lace.


A common cap construction in both human hair and synthetic hair is the “Monofilament-Top”.

A Monofilament/Mono-Top Wig refers to fine, breathable nylon or silk mesh with hairs individually hand-knotted to appear as a natural looking part giving it more versatility in styling.

Mono-top wigs are generally more natural-looking, as the hair appears to be growing out of a real scalp and is recommended for those looking for a more volume or height on top.

There are two notable variations to the standard mono-top wig: one can be seen in the CreatedHair.com Designs line, which features a double layer of monofilament mesh at the crown. This extra breathable layer protects a bare scalp from irritation caused by the tiny, scratchy knots created by hand-tying the strands into the monofilament material. 

This type of cap construction is considered to be the finest in the world. Generally, mono-top wigs are recognized as a higher quality wig product, and are more expensive than standard wefted cap wigs.

Recommended for hair loss patients, it allows for greater comfort and excellent ventilation.

This type of Monofilament-Top” cap was first developed for women who had experienced significant hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, or other medical reasons, as the transparent mesh allowed the bare scalp to show through.

You may sometimes see mono-top wigs referred to as “Medical Wigs” for this reason. However, many women with full heads of hair prefer the mono-top wigs for their superior natural appearance. With a mono-top wig, the hair can be more sharply parted on either side of the head than with a conventional wefted cap wig.

When creating a custom made wig, it be ordered with a direct part or with a Multi-Directional Part for limitless styling pessimist and undetectable naturalness and enable hair to be parted and styled every which way.

Most expensive

*Available as special order only. Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery

A slightly less expensive alternative is a wig featuring a Monofilament “Part”, rather than a full monofilament top.

These are wigs that have a thin strip of monofilament mesh sewn in just at the left, right, or center part line. Be aware; In these cases, the location of the part CANNOT be changed.

Silk placed under the linings will resemble a natural scalp.

Hand-Tied French Silk Top
French Silk Top and are made with natural skin top that resembles a scalp lending to a more discreet authentic look. This is not recommended for those seeking height on the crown as French Tops are flatter on top.

Vacuum Base Wig – We do not carry these
A wig designed to stay on by means of suction due to the customized fit. Much of the time these do not breathe and can become very hot.

Vacuum Base Wig – We do not carry these
A wig designed to stay on by means of suction due to the customized fit. Much of the time these do not breathe and can become very hot.

Adjustment Straps
All wigs will have adjustment straps at the nape (back neck area) to allow the wig to be sized down for a more snug fit. Generally, these straps will have Velcro attachments, but will sometimes feature hooks that fit into tiny adjustment pockets. Either system works well, and both are used on inexpensive as well as expensive wigs.

Most people who are purchasing human hair do so because they want to create a look similar to their own. To achieve this, make sure that the base of the wig allows for a secure fit. If not you’ll have areas that gather which will create a thicker or different look than your own head shape and size. Getting the fit as close as possible allows the hair to lay better as well.