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Difference Human Hair & Synthetic

Human Hair

Human Hair offers the most natural realistic look and feel. It is softer, and when made correctly will have with a shine and movement not easily found in synthetic hair. It is also extremely versatile: human hair can be cut and colored and styled to suit exactly your personal taste, while most normal synthetic hair pieces can get fizzy, be hard to control and cannot be colored. While human hair is the more expensive choice, with proper care it is also more durable than synthetic hair.

Four major types of human hair are commonly used in wigs:


However, CreatedHair only uses Premium European Hair for it’s added natural look, ease of use, great movement and smooth hair texture.

  1. Most available wigs on the market are made from Asian hair. Chinese hair has a thicker denier (level of fineness) than the others, which makes the hair extremely straight and heavy, a bit more resistant to curling, and therefore harder to style; which explain its low price point.
  2. Indonesian hair is found even in greater supply, and is even also quite cheap—it can often be found in ethnic style wigs. Indonesian Hair is slightly finer than Chinese hair.
  3. Indian hair can be closer to that of European hair, but with a bit more texture and it is heavier.
  4. European hair is the most sought-after hair due to its fine denier and beautiful coloring, but due to its limited supply in the marketplace, it is more expensive than the rest.
  5. Russian Hair is very close to European hair just slightly thinner. Both Russian and European hair are very silky smooth.

For our LUXURY 100% Premium Virgin European Hair we select only the best quality human hair for our wigs and hair pieces.

Our hair comes straight from Premium European hair pony tails. With 18 years of experience in Human Hair products CreatedHair has unmatched access to premium-quality European Human Hair so every CreatedHair Human Hair wig is simply beautiful, natural looking, and represents the highest quality standards.

CreatedHair Premium Processed Human Hair

Our second Top-Selling Human Hair option is made out Processed Human Hair. We use hair with slightly heavier denier.  Therefore, this hair has the type of fine, silky texture our clients love. The result is a Human Hair which comes closest to the European Human Hair quality but with a price advantage for our clients.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing Processed Human Hair is that is cannot be lighted. It can only be colored darker. So if you’re not certain which way to go in your color choice for you Processed Hair we suggest always purchasing a bit lighter and our CreatedHair Emmy Nominated stylist will darken where needed.

CreatedHair can also produce for you our finest quality products with hair you provide us. However CreatedHair has the right to refuse any hair that may not meet the standards of quality needed for correct manufacturing.   (See making wigs with my own hair)

Depending on the hair will predicate the type of daily or weekly maintenance needed with a straightening or curling iron or blow dryer. If you’re someone who wants daily curl, you can always request “body” or a “certain level of curl” to be added in your custom order which will lesson the amount of daily maintenance needed. if you prefer not to wait and would rather purchase one of our stock pieces, certain styles may allow for a perm.

For many, however, daily styling is preferable, as it allows for more control over the appearance of a wig, as well as the regularity of the daily hair styling process we must follow with natural hair. Just keep in mind that our Human Hair wigs do not come ‘out of the box’, ready to wear—many times they need to be thinned and styled by a professional stylist to reflect your natural look.

Benefits summary of Human Hair wigs

  • Exclusive, beautiful, most natural look
  • Hair can be styled individually with heat products such as a curling iron, hair-dryer or blow-dryer
  • Hair can be dyed
  • High durability
  • Longer shelf life

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair wigs by CreatedHair are made of high-quality high spun synthetic nylon fiber and are indistinguishable from human hair, thanks to modern technology and proper styling.

The great advantages of synthetic wigs is that they require little maintenance and have built in style memory so that their preformed hairstyles and textures (curly, straight, etc.) are retained after each hair-wash, hence do not require time-consuming styling. In addition, synthetic hair wigs are available in a large choice of hairstyles and colors.

However, to retain the wig’s shape and silky shine for a long time, proper care of CreatedHair synthetic wig is extremely important. The detailed maintenance care instructions for synthetic hair we send you will help you.

However, one thing to keep in mind; what synthetic hair offers in ease, it lacks in versatility. Most synthetics cannot be styled in many different ways like its human hair counterparts can.

Synthetic hair is also less durable than human hair: with proper care you can expect most synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces to last about 4-6 months. The limited versatility of most synthetic hair on the market becomes less of a consideration when you factor in its affordability. You may choose to have a wide variety of styles on hand and ready-to-wear!

CreatedHair CyberHair Active wigs will last up to 3-4 years if properly maintained. Due to its fine workmanship, lightweight materials, unique comfortable cap construction and ability to match and interchange with European hair, Cyberhair is more expensive than the normal synthetic on the market, but the extended shelf life makes up for the added cost.

Due the extremely fine fiber on the CreatedHair Full Lace Active Water Wig, it’s optimal life span usually lasts 12 months. In this case, you are compromising extended shelf life for featherweight comfort.

Most synthetic hair does not tolerate heat so it is best avoid exposing your wig to heat:

  • Exercise caution when opening an oven or cooking on a stovetop.
  • Avoid contact with steam from boiling water.
  • Do not use a hot hair dryer or curling iron to style your wig over 250 degrees.
  • Do not wear your wig in saunas or hot baths.
  • Keep your wig away from radiators, baseboard heating, furnaces, boilers and other common household heat sources.
  • Store in a cool dark environment

Benefits Summary of Synthetic Hair

  • Easier care
  • Ready-to-Wear: wigs are pre-cut and pre-styled
  • Large hair style and color selection
  • No time-consuming styling after every wash
  • Lower cost

“Living in the suburbs of Vancouver Canada and not having anywhere to go for a wig or to learn how to put in on or take care of was very challenging for me. Amy worked with me via Skpe and it was amazing! We measured my head together, discussed my needs so we could decide on the right solution, and not only did she create the perfect wig in the best colors ever for me, but gave me lessons from how to put it on, use wig tape to washing it. All by Skype – I mean, who does that! Just fabulous. Thank you so much Amy. You have truly changed my life!”

Heide L.

“I have dealt with many so called wig or hair experts but Amy and her group are by far the most professional and elite in the field. Not to mention their compassion and heart felt understanding for what the person is dealing with in reference to the loss or thinning of hair. Its devastating to say the least and certainly does make one feel shame and not good about yourself. Amy made me feel so good and I was excited about the whole process. She made the process so easy and fun. She was right on about measurements, color and thickness. Amy kept me informed about every step so I felt very comfortable and trusted her judgment on everything. When I received my wig I was amazed and truly shocked. It is beautiful and fits like a glove. It is like a part of me and the color is perfect. I will NEVER work with anyone but Amy and her crew. Their outstanding professionalism, knowledge, experience, compassion, kindness and honestly means a great deal to me. CreatedHair is a first class company with awesome people that go beyond to assist their customers to be the best they can be with beautiful hair that is natural looking and easy to care for.. I recommend CreatedHair highly. Thank you.”

Sherrie D.

“I recently lost my hair due to cancer. I wanted the best wig and found it at CreatedHair. Amy Gibson and her wonderfully professional staff provided me with a wonderful human hair wig. They were caring and could not do enough to make sure I was completely satisfied with the wig. They offer great care assistance and are always available to answer questions. On a scale of one to five, they get a 10 from me. Thank you Amy and your great staff.”

Angela D.