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“Exceptional and unique. The professional care is 5 star — a breakthrough company for human dignity. With class and grace, the sensitive and intimate experience of getting and wearing a wig is flawless thanks to Amy Gibson’s vision and passion for CREATEDHAIR. The custom wigs — a perfect fit. I have referred others here as well.”

Christine R.

“I can only speak for my daughters happiness for many many years. Amy’s knowledge on hair and hairpieces is phenomenal. I do not believe anyone else can compete in her arena.”

Hugh P.

“Having suffered from hair loss for my entire adult life has led me on a search for finding a wig stylist who can provide natural looking hair. I’ve struggled with this search for years until meeting Amy. I cannot begin to say enough great things about Amy! She has a perfect balance between doing what I wanted as well as lending her opinions for a great hairstyle. She cares and now my search has finally ended. Thank you Amy I love my new hair!”

Peggy R.