Greystone Mansion

The Greystone Mansion is a luxurious and large piece of real estate that is preserved by the Friends of Greystone, a volunteer-run nonprofit organization established in 2001 meant to uphold the estate of Doheny Greystone. Their mission is to perform three functions; raising funds for, restoring, preserving, and protecting the estate. They do this through fundraising and educational programs for students and residents in the Beverly Hills area. The mansion is considered one of the top luxury properties to the south of Hearst Castle.

The property was originally owned by Edward Laurence Doheny who was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, in 1856. When he became a teen, the adventure of gold and oil was calling his name, and in 1892, Doheny and Charles A. Canfield hit oil in Los Angeles, becoming the first to do so. They became the largest oil producers in the world when they uncovered massive oil deposits located in Mexico.

Edward Doheny married Carrie Louella Wilkins, and they had two children. One was a little girl named Eileen, who sadly passed away at the age of seven. The other was a boy named Edward “Ned” Laurence Doheny, Jr., who would grow up to inherit an infamous financial empire. After Ned married his wife Lucy Smith of Pasadena, his father gifted him a 12.58-acre piece of land overseeing the city.

The family, now consisting of both Ned and Lucy in addition to their five children, was eager to move into the residence and did so before the property was fully complete. They moved into the unfinished property in 1928. It was not completed until 1931 and cost the Doheny’s more than $3 million. Coming to be known as Greystone for its use of stone throughout the structure and grey appearance, the mansion cost $1,238,378.76 alone.

According to the website, the original estate had “stables and kennels, tennis courts, a fire station, gatehouse, swimming pool and pavilion, a greenhouse, a lake, babbling brooks and cascading waterfalls” on the premises. Sadly, Ned Doheny was murdered by his aid Hugh Plunket in a murder-suicide. Subsequently, Lucy stayed in the home with her children until she married her new husband, Leigh M. Battson, in 1955, and they sold a large majority of the property to Paul Trousdale Corporation. The rest was sold to Henry Crown of Park Grey Corporation, who leased it out for film use rather than living in it himself.

Today, the site is owned by the City of Beverly Hills and serves the community as the largest reservoir of water in the town. Its location on the top of a hill allows for a tremendous high-pressure supply of water. The entire premises, including the mansion, was declared to be a public park by the city in 1971 and later a historical landmark in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Greystone Mansion is located at 905 Loma Vista Dr in Beverly Hills, CA 90210. The property is generally open to the public unless booked for private events from 10 AM until 5 PM every day.

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