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Repair & Rejuvenate

Repair & Rejuvenate

As human hair wigs are made of non-breathing hair that no longer have natural oils or oxygen so they need added care compared to synthetic wigs.

CreatedHair suggests to all clients that they send us their wig at least once a year for rejuvenation which consists of: reconditioning the pc. and performing any refurbishing needed which includes replacement of any hair that has released from the piece due to excessive brushing and normal wear and tear.

Human Hair

Rejuvenation: Human Hair; Wash w/ heavy re-conditioning and style.
Cost: $125@
Suggested : 1- 1-2 X year

Refurbishing: For Human Hair
Involves replacing hair into cap of wig
Suggested: 1 every 12 -16 months

Usually 1 ounce of hair is needed

Premium European Hair:
$180 ounce for dark hair
$280 -$350 ounce for light hair color/blondes

Ventilation Cost: Sewing hair into the base cap
$75 hour
Normal replacement ranges from: 3-4 hours +

Normal Total Cost for Refurbishing – includes cost of hair and ventilation
Ranges from:
$300-$400 Dark colors
$500-$600 Light colored/blondes

For an Older Human Hair Wig that has more wear and tear maybe requiring more hair and ventilation time, will range:
$700-$900 Dark colors
$1000 – $1200 Light colors/blondes

Synthetic Hair

For synthetics such as The Water Wig™ and CyberHair™ :

Total Cost is the same for all colors.

Total Rejuvenation: $100 – Wash/heavy conditioning/ style
Total Refurbishing: Ranges from $ 350-$500
Suggested: 18 – 24 months

The Water Wig™
Total Rejuvenation: $125 – Wash/heavy conditioning/ style
Total Refurbishing: Suggested 10 months
Ranges from $250-$300 for dark colors
$300-400 for lighter colors

Replacement of Clips:
$2.99 a piece for metal clips
$10 a piece for safer plastic clips

$10 sewing charge

Not often… if clips come loose, most will sew back on themselves – Which is why it is included in the ResQ Bag® .


Polyurethane Tape Tabs:

$45 for 6×6 sheets
$20 sewing time
50% Purchased: 1 X per year

Water Wig™ Wig Tape

Retail Price: $102
Usually Purchased: 1 X times per year

“Every time I have visited, called and communicated with createdhair I have felt so valued, safe and taken care of. Amy has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and satisfied with my purchases. Ive bought more than 5 pieces now.”

Georgia Van C.

“Amy is amazing!! Not only is she a talented wig maker, but she instinctively knows what will look good on you. The first wig I tried on was it. All it needed was her very skilled wig stylist, Vika to personalize it just for me. It suits me perfectly and I get compliments wherever I go. No one even thinks it’s a wig. I highly, highly recommend Amy.”

Rowena B.

“Having suffered from hair loss for my entire adult life has led me on a search for finding a wig stylist who can provide natural looking hair. I’ve struggled with this search for years until meeting Amy. I cannot begin to say enough great things about Amy! She has a perfect balance between doing what I wanted as well as lending her opinions for a great hairstyle. She cares and now my search has finally ended. Thank you Amy I love my new hair!”

Peggy R.