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Wig SECURE™ Wig Band

Wig Secure™ by Amy Gibson

The first wig band of its kind that can keep your wig secure and fitting comfortably. It’s not like anything else available and was designed specifically by Amy Gibson to be reversible for people with or without hair.

Crafted with a high-end, velvety fabric with a patent-pending silicone no slip grip strip for those with thinning or no hair, it removes all need for tape or clips. When the strip is against your head it prevents slippage. Just flip the band over to wear the silicone strip against your wig if you have hair. If you require a wig cap, it’s perfect for securing your piece.

The choice is in your hands to decide which side provides the optimal support that you need. No matter how you wear it, you can keep your wig in place at all times. Adjustable to fit all head sizes, it is completely undetectable and helps with wig cap pressure and comes in multiple colors including beige/blonde and brunette.


  • Patent-pending silicone non-slip strip
  • Reversible
  • Constructed of velvety fabric
  • Adjustable to fit all head sizes
  • Multiple colors available
  • Insanely comfortable!

We’re currently building a new web store for your convenience. If you want to buy one in the meantime, click below to call and order.

Insanely comfortable wig band by Amy Gibson