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Insurance Reimbursement

Insurance Reimbursement

Your physician will provide you with a prescription for your wig known in medical terms as a Full Cranial Hair Prosthesis. Be sure to call your insurance provider and find out if your policy includes this coverage (including the specific reimbursement amount and number of wigs). 

There should be a section under “covered expenses” relating to prostheses, prosthetic devices or medical durable equipment. Most insurance companies don’t spell out exclusions so pay attention to the actual coverage.

Be sure to write down the date, first name, last name and phone number/extension of the customer service representative who provides you with the information, along with the detailed coverage information. Save this information should you need it for future reference.  It is very important to provide your insurance provider with the procedure CPT code for a full cranial hair prosthesis which looks similar to this: A2982 However there are different codes for each condition and they sometimes change per year, so be sure to ask your doctor’s office for your specific procedure code.

After you have purchased your wig, ask the wig soon or store to provide you with a purchase receipt for you to submit to your insurance provider for possible direct reimbursement back to you. Be sure you make a photocopy of the cranial prosthesis prescription and submit that along with the purchase receipt for your wig and any necessary insurance form they require.

Be sure to mail the necessary paperwork described above directly to your insurance provider via U.S. Post Office Certified Mail – Return Receipt. Keep the green postcard return receipt you will receive by U.S. mail once the paperwork has been delivered to your insurance company. Remember to keep the photocopy of the purchase receipt, the prescription and any reimbursement form you submit to your insurance provider. Be sure when completing the insurance company’s reimbursement form that you indicate reimbursement should be sent to you directly.

Always call 3-4 days after sending to confirm they have received it and keep the name of the person who signed for it.