“I can’t even begin to say how amazing Amy and her collection of beautiful wigs are! From the moment I reached out to her, she gave me amazing information on the process, and how they are made. Just from a picture she nailed my desired hair color and style. The quality is unparalleled. I will never go anywhere else, thank you Amy!
– Courtney Garrity

“Amy was the first person I called when I needed a wig for my medical treatment. Right away over the phone she explained all the details to me. Everything was completely new to me from the quality, cost, products, insurance etc. She was super sweet and understanding. My first appointment with her ended with the perfect wig followed by styling. This was one of the important and difficult decision to make and she made is seamless. She has an amazing stylist who styled the wig to look just like my hair. I would highly recommend Amy and wouldn’t even go anywhere else.” 

– Nane Jamkotchian
“Amy and her styling team are the expert son wig and topper needs. They were so kind, informative, supportive and flexible in helping me find and style a wig. They really help clients understand the quality and nuance, and the wigs themselves are outstanding- truly the highest quality. They have fantastic energy and help people going through difficult times find a little peace and beauty.
– Jagrup Sidhu

“I have Alopecia Universalis and I’ve been wearing wigs for about 16 years. The wig I purchased from Amy at CreatedHair is the first wig I’ve ever worn that I forget I’m wearing one. I didn’t realize how much stress I had from constantly worrying about my wig until I didn’t have to worry anymore. I’ve never been happier. Highly recommend!” 

– Rosanna Savone
“Amy and her people were the most personal and caring professionals. I was so grateful for their expert and knowledge of my situation. Just over the moon with my new hair and my dignity that has returned. She is one of a kind! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
– Stefanie Miller

“Hi Amy. I watched every second. I wish I could have been there to tell all who watched about the amazing experience I had with you. That was 20+ years ago, but I will never forget the kindness and true caring that came through the phone. I was so frightened and you put me right at ease.

You came to my aide again, just about a year ago, when I needed a new “Amy” as I call her (cyberhair). What you do for Alopecia sufferers is amazing and I love the love you share. God Bless!” 

– Denise Ellis
“Hi Amy, this is Terri and I purchased the CyberHair swim wig from you about a month ago. I wanted to reach out to you to say thank you, I am over the moon happy with it. We have been at Lake Mojave on our boat for the past few days and it has worked amazingly. I feel comfortable, it stays in place, it’s just simply amazing! I don’t even have the words to describe how happy I am. Today my hat blew off, my hair stayed in place! Thank you so much. The situation with my hat blowing off could’ve been a disaster but it wasn’t because of you. Thank you again.”
– Terri C.

“After finding out that I was diagnosed with cancer, I wondered if my hair would fall off or not. I finished the first session of chemo and my hair was intact. Days later, I woke up and found big chunks of my hair on my pillow. Being horrified of the sight, I prayed and googled to find a solution for my baldness.

That’s when I found Amy Gibson. Immediately, I contacted her and she was very friendly and sensitive to my condition. She offered me a variety of natural looking wigs for my treatment. The quality of the hair is excellent and the services she provided were wonderful. I highly recommend her for any wig needs. Tell her Viviana sent you.” 

– Viviana M.

“Amy is amazing!! Not only is she a talented wig maker, but she instinctively knows what will look good on you. The first wig I tried on was it. All it needed was her very skilled wig stylist, Vika to personalize it just for me. It suits me perfectly and I get compliments wherever I go. No one even thinks it’s a wig. I highly, highly recommend Amy.”

– Rowena B.

“I really really can’t say enough good things about Amy and CreatedHair. I went to CreatedHair because I had purchased a very expensive wig from a different wig establishment that I was so unhappy with. It fit my head so oddly and just looked somewhat fake because of the cut and lack of baby hairs.

Amy’s stylist transformed it and I left so much more comfortable with my wig. I wish I had gone to her from the beginning bc I had the opportunity to try on her human hair wigs, and wow! They are just incomparable to any other wig place I had spent my time and money at. I mean really amazing quality, attention to detail, and impeccable sensitivity to my needs. If you need a wig for any reason whatsoever I implore you to go to Amy and CreatedHair. Needing a wig can be such a sensitive matter and you want to feel cared for and know that you’re getting the best. That’s how you’ll feel going to Amy”

– Jacqueline G.

“Exceptional and unique. The professional care is 5 star — a breakthrough company for human dignity. With class and grace, the sensitive and intimate experience of getting and wearing a wig is flawless thanks to Amy Gibson’s vision and passion for CREATEDHAIR. The custom wigs — a perfect fit. I have referred others here as well.”

– Christine R.

“I am in receipt of my new hair piece. I’ve had the opportunity to wear it for a week now and have to tell you that I really love it. What a difference! The color came out beautifully and it’s amazing how soft and subtle it looks and feels. I also love how easy it is to care for. It’s light weight enough that after washing it dries in only a few hours, which makes it wonderful if I fail to wash it in the evening and need to before I head out for work. Thanks again for your recommendation.”

– Kelly

““What Amy is doing for so many people will make a tremendous impact in the medical community as well as for thousands of people dealing with the effects of hair loss.”

– Joseph K.