“For over 10 years, Amy has gone above and beyond to make me beautiful, comfortable, natural-looking wigs. Amy’s support and kindness have helped me cope and feel confident about myself. I receive so many compliments about my hair, and am grateful to have found her!!! “

– Tracy C.

“I am so happy to have discovered Amy and CreatedHair. My hair had gotten so thin it was an embarrassment. If you’ve never purchased and worn a wig before its hard to know where to start and the process felt awkward. I purchased a wig online and from a local salon but they were just so-so and I didn’t know much about how to wear them.

I found Amy because I wanted to find a wig I can swim in and saw her water wigs on her website. I live 500 miles from LA but I flew in to LAX, Amy picked me up at the airport and got me started. I’ve purchased 3 wigs from CreatedHair. A Water Wig, a Cyberhair wig and a human hair wig and love all three. The water wig is phenomenal. Its so lightweight and comfortable. Just dive in the water and forget you’re wearing a wig. Its a perfect fit and the water easily flows through it. Order them at least 4 months in advance if you want a custom fit. They’re worth the wait.

Amy will help you pick the right cap, select hair color and highlights and style it for you. I’ve had a ton of questions wearing and caring for my pieces and have needed advice. Amy responds quickly and is always helpful. And all from long distance. Bravo, Amy. I wouldn’t got anywhere else. PS: this lady is a tad insane. watch her video on her website skydiving in her cyberhair wig. What a testament to wig technology!”

– Caryn N.

“Amy is the BEST. She is real, fun, and gets things done. I was diagnosed with alopecia universalis at 16, and never had a good quality wig, so i just stopped wearing them entirely….until now! (9 years later). I would recommend Amy because she doesnt just talk the talk, she walks the walk –she actually wears wigs too and went through the traumatizing hair loss we all went through. So she gets it. As a very indecisive person,

Amy was very helpful while I had to make a decision on the color and style piece I wanted. I flew in from out of town the next week to make sure the cap fit right and to get it cut. Her hair stylist is AMAZING. The cut turned out better than I imagined. It was a very fun experience. I feel like Amy will be responsive and helpful in the future if I have any questions or want alterations in the future. She even taught me how to put on lashes out of the kindness of her heart. I definetely recommend going with CreatedHair!”

– Catherine K.

“I had lost my Hair do a medical condition! It was very hard, and I wanted nothing but the best. I wanted a real Human Hair Wig. Amy Gibson was amazing. Her work and her pieces were perfection. I got the quality of Hair I was looking for. I looked exactly as I did before the hair loss. I was also treated with great kindness, and felt very safe in her hands. She has the best Real Human Hair Wig, that I’ve ever seen.”

– Deborah P.

“Amy helped us to get a perfect wig! So professional! Best of the best! Thank you so much Amy for the best work and service! We appreciate it”

– Eva K.

“My Daughter has been a client of Amy Gibson and CreatedHair since she was 13 years old. She was diagnosed with Alopecia, She is now a stunning 23 year old women. Amy has nurtured her every step of the way.”

– Deborah P.

“I can only speak for my daughters happiness for many many years. Amy’s knowledge on hair and hairpieces is phenomenal. I do not believe anyone else can compete in her arena.”

– Hugh P.

“I was too frightened to make the one change that was holding my life back. I just didn’t know where to begin. You made me feel safe enough to take that first step.”

– Amaal

“Having suffered from hair loss for my entire adult life has led me on a search for finding a wig stylist who can provide natural looking hair. I’ve struggled with this search for years until meeting Amy. I cannot begin to say enough great things about Amy! She has a perfect balance between doing what I wanted as well as lending her opinions for a great hairstyle. She cares and now my search has finally ended. Thank you Amy I love my new hair!”

– Peggy R.

“I took my friend to CreatedHair and met with Amy Gibson. My friend has been suffering from extreme hair thinning and she’s only 28. But meeting Amy today changed her life in two ways: 1. She was with someone who also has alopecia, alleviating so much of her fear. Amy was so incredibly patient; 2. It was amazing how she put her into a beautiful human hair wig, and by the time we were done styling, she looked exactly like herself again and raved about how comfortable and realistic her new wig was. Thank you Amy, you’re a lifesaver!!”

– Kelly J.

“If you are looking for someone who really cares about you and your appearance then Amy is the person you need to contact. This woman will bend over backwards to find you the best hairpiece possible.”

– George D.