“Amy is the first person I have ever met that truly understands what I am going through. The wig she made for me is so beautiful and real looking that after leaving her salon I was in the elevator and a woman turned to me and said “I love your hair”! After purchasing her products, I feel more self-confident about my appearance and am much happier in my life!”

– Tracie

“My gorgeous wig helped make me feel like a woman throughout the toughest time in my life. Thank you.”

– Randy J.

“Amy is one of the sweetest people I know AND so very professional. She really cares that her customers get exactly what they need and want. I’m a transitioned trangenderd woman that had male pattern baldness. Hair transplants were not an option and I was severely depressed about my hair, or lack there of. I found CreatedHair.comand could not believe the personal service Amy provides. I live on the east coast and she called me, we Skyped online, and emailed back and forth to perfect my hair.

I’ve purchased three wigs from her, a human hair, Cyber Hair, and a water wig and all are so much better than I could have gotten anywhere else. No one can tell I wear a wig. I told a close friend and she couldn’t believe it even after looking and touching. These are NOT the same wigs as everywhere else. I have used many different manufacture’s wigs from several hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars and Amy’s are superior to all of them. Most importantly is the caring and understanding personal attention Amy provides. I’ve only spoken to one other person in her shop and she was just as understanding and professional as Amy is. Sure, it’s more expensive than the average wig, but if you don’t have any hair of your own, it’s so totally worth it.”

– Caiolinn E.

“For many years I have been trying to get my mother to get a wig, as she has considerable hair loss due to a thyroid issue. Hair loss is such an emotional issue for anyone, including my mom, but Amy makes the experience of getting a wig so easy and comfortable. She has such a good heart and is so attentive. Her commitment and personal care that Amy puts into her work and into caring for her clients is rare to find and exceptional. I learned about Amy’s real hair wigs we went to Amy’s studio in Westwood.

Amy put my mother at ease right away. She is a very “take charge” kind of gal (understatement) so she immediately got my mother set up with the right wig, style and color, and my mother ended up buying two! Amy takes such good care of my mother, as does one of her stylists, Vika. They aren’t cheap, but they are absolutely beautiful! My mom has a great look now, and will continue to for years to come, thanks to Amy. She gets compliments all the time on her hair, and just smiles and says “thank you”. Both my mom and I are so grateful for Amy and can’t recommend her enough!”

– Theresa R.

“I was in LA to visit my daughter and called Amy on a whim. When she heard that I had to be back in NC in three days, she got me in right away. Amy immediately felt like an old friend. I have lost a good part of my hair from medications to treat RA. I was tearful and nervous about getting a wig. Amy made me feel so comfortable. She is the perfect mix of compassion and fun and has the most positive attitude that I couldn’t help but have a positive attitude about the whole thing as well. I had no idea what I really wanted other then a photo of a haircut that I liked. That was fine though because Amy has an incredible eye for what looks good on her clients.

I have worn my hair blonde for years, but Amy suggested that the shade of blonde I was wearing was all wrong for my eye color and complexion. She picked out a blonde wig for me, and I could see a HUGE difference in how it brightened my skin and made me look more youthful. When she heard that my natural hair color is auburn, she suggested we put some red in the wig. I was able to get the cut taken care of before I left to go home but there was not enough time to get the color completed so the wig had to be mailed to me. I was totally trusting Amy’s eye on this one. I received my wig quickly and could not be more happy with the finished product!! The color was absolutely fabulous!

Amy is very knowledgeable about all things related to wigs and takes the guess work out of it, helping the client to find a wig that can truly be worn with comfort on a daily basis. I wear my gorgeous human hair wig almost daily and it looks so natural that no one can believe it is not my real hair. The medicines I take have not only made my hair fall out but have made me gain quite a bit of weight. I had not felt pretty in such a long time. Amy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel more like “me” than I have in a long, long time.”

– Tami Z.

“I had thinning hair for many years. I started out with a topper from a local vendor that was beautiful when I purchased. What most people do not know is that the hair always looks good when new because it has been treated with a lot of products that make it seem wonderful.Many pieces have been over processed by the time they are purchased, making the hair shaft swell terribly when washed.The cuticles have been totally stripped too. What this means is that your new hair is really already worn out when you purchase it. Unless you have educated yourself you wouldn’t know any of this until its too late.. Being a blonde you must be extra careful. You will pay more for blonde hair but its well worth it. If your vendor doesn’t charge a little more for the natural blondes it should raise a red flag. Anyway, after you wash your new hair the real tale is told. It was frizzy, unmanageable and ends split.

I was desperate and somehow found Amy Gibson by phone. She sent me a new piece overnight and wow, what a lifesaver!! I have been purchasing hair from her since that day. I am a little indecisive and she NEVER looses her patience with me.

She goes beyond the call of duty to get the piece just right, color, texture etc. You will not find anyplace that can do the natural colors that she does.I have grey hair but it looks platinum(which would be wonderful if I had more of it). Amy has managed to match my hair with a sample, making it blend perfectly. I have never met her face to face,( I live in Maryland) but I feel like she is a friend. If you are in need of supplemental hair and need honest guidance, Amy Gibson at CreatedHair is a good place to start. She will take as much time with you as needed and she doesn’t make you feel like you are bothering her. Customer service doesn’t end when you purchase, it just begins. Yes, her prices are not cheap, but remember..when buying hair you get what you pay for!!!”

– Kay H.

“Living in the suburbs of Vancouver Canada and not having anywhere to go for a wig or to learn how to put in on or take care of was very challenging for me. Amy worked with me via Skpe and it was amazing! We measured my head together, discussed my needs so we could decide on the right solution, and not only did she create the perfect wig in the best colors ever for me, but gave me lessons from how to put it on, use wig tape to washing it. All by Skype – I mean, who does that! Just fabulous. Thank you so much Amy. You have truly changed my life!”

– Heide L.

“I just got another compliment on my awesome hair and thought I’d share it with you. I often get compliments and no one believes it’s a wig.

Thank you so much for making a positive impact on my life. Took a major pain out of it. Gave me back precious time and self esteem.
Today is International Women’s Day. Couldn’t be a more appropriate time to thank you for helping so many women in the world.”

– Sunita

“I have to tell you that this hair is absolutely sensational. To even call it a “wig” seems inaccurate.”

– Stacey

“If there is anything I have learned from Amy it’s that just because I have lost my hair does not mean I am any less of a woman. In fact I am more of a fabulous woman now than I have ever been.”

– Terry

“Losing my hair has been a slow-moving but difficult experience.
One’s fear is individual and mine was overwhelming. Amy and her team not only understand this journey but demonstrate their understanding of where to begin to feel ok – better than ok again.
I highly recommend the quality products, caring people and therapeutic environment. It’s worth every penny.”

– Beverly