CreatedHair.com Specialized Warranty: Time Period: 12 months

This is an additional extra warranty that can be purchased separately at the time of purchase only, which allows for any extra alterations within reason during the 12 month period which include

• Altering the cap (only if possible without ruining the structure of the wig cap)
• Adding highlights or low lights can only be performed on hair that is in good condition (1) one time only and up to 2 colors.
• Adding hair to existing ventilates holes (whether supplied by CreatedHair.com or the buyer)
• Thinning the hair
• Add or exchange of clips, or adhesive material
• Adding silk lining if it won’t disturb existing construction of wig cap
• Refurbishing a piece (up to 3 times within the 12 months) which includes intense conditioning, trimming the pc..
• Cost: $500