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Amy’s Wig Maintenance Instructions

My New Friend,
Here are your styling/washing instructions for both Human Hair and Synthetics.

How to effectively wash your wig.HOW OFTEN TO WASH YOUR WIG
Depending on how much you wear the piece and your level of perspiration, I always say ‘you’ll know’ when the piece needs to be refreshed. If you don’t perspire a lot, then your piece would probably do fine with one shampoo every two weeks and for some not wearing the piece that often, it can be up to three or four weeks.

Feel free to write me if you have any questions: Amy@CreatedHair.com.

You can also follow along with me on YouTube: Part 1 | Part 2

Note: Most regular inexpensive synthetic pieces are made of Kanekalon which have limited styling choices. High Grade Synthetic fibers like the The Water Wig™ and CyberHair® are easier to work with as it has curl and color/style memory and go back to their original style after washing. “Heat Resistant Hair” can be used with heat tools and with proper care, i.e.: for curling and straightening irons, no higher than 250 degrees F, human hair 300-350 F, or use steam curlers. Electric curlers are not recommended as it will dry out hair, Human hairpieces need more styling and care. The Water Wig™ and CyberHair® are made to look more natural and replicate human hair with a bit of body and have built-in style memory that allows for the wig to return to its original style after washing and do not require heat styling products.


Do not use regular shampoo or hairspray on pieces as it may contain too much alcohol which will dry out hair. Only use products designed for synthetic or human hair wigs.


Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle


Optional styling gel or hair spray can be used for finishing as long as they don’t contain high levels of alcohol.


Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle



which holds the wig in place for styling.

This is the #2 style of wig clamp that we offer at CreatedHair
A wig clamp is perfect for holding wigs in place for styling.


available in foam or canvas.

A canvas wig head can be helpful when caring for your wig.
Foam heads are a cheaper alternative to the canvas wig head.


available at most markets and fabric stores.

T-pins are a must when needing to hold down your wig for care.

Step 1:

Pin your piece onto your foam wig head using very small sewing pins (the ones with the colored balls at the end). Place two pins on each side of the wig – one each of the sideburns, 2 at nape. We do suggest you do not place any pins on any part of the front of the cap as it can lace and will possibly tear.

Step 2:

Shampoo, but comb hair first to remove tangles. “It’s A Ten” De-tangler is a terrific product to use both on human hair and synthetic hair.

Place a small amount of shampoo on your hands and run it through the strands of the hair. Fill a basin or bowl with warm water and add a tablespoon worth of shampoo to the water. Rinse shampoo by running the faucet over the hair in one direction (or turn wig inside out and rinse hair in one direction).

Step 3:

Step 3: Rinse: There are three techniques you can use to rinse.

a) Hold wig head at the base directly under the faucet allowing the water to rinse the hair in one direction.

b) Turn wig inside out, re-attach piece to wig head, and follow directions above to rinse hair in one direction.

c) Rinse sink or basin and replace with fresh water. Place the piece in water, move it from left to right in an easy flow through motion following shampoo directions above.

A wire stand for wigs really allows air to flow around and through your wig after washing.


Avoid using a blow dryer (especially on synthetic fiber). Only use a blow dryer w/ cool air or on low heat with caution. Refer to Styling Chapter for instruction on using heat products).

Give your wig a little extra height by hanging it upside down to dry.


Hang the wig to dry upside down. To do this, take a clip hanger, and as if you are looking at the inside of the base, attach either end of the sideburns to the clip hanger. Hang until dry. After ‘she’ is dry, you’ll have height and may even need to calm the style by patting ‘her’ down a bit!


The “Stick Up” look: Just spray a little bit on your hands then rub your hands together and simply run your fingers through your hair. The hair will go on the direction you place it. If you want to have the ends flip up – just run your fingers through your hair and then as you get to the ends grab and turn up and let go – just guide the hair the way you want and it will react and go into that style easily.

Straighter Look: Carefully brush through the piece while it’s wet. When dry you can use a straightening iron on the piece, but no higher than 250 F and you must work through the hair quickly to avoid burning the hair, allowing it to straighten.

Again, you can place some spray on your hands and work through the piece to then place the hair where you want it – i.e., to stay behind your ears etc. You can tease the piece to stick up easily.

Getting Height: If you want “all” the hair to stand up even more, then after washing, pat the piece a bit with a small towel, then shake the piece out and continue drying the piece upside down by attaching it to a clip hanger and letting it hang dry.

To add more wave without using heat products: After washing and patting dry, simply place the piece on a towel standing correctly (not upside down) and let it dry that way. Also, try patting it dry and then place on a table positioned so inside is facing you and let it dry naturally.

Learn to add natural curl to your wig.ADD TO NATURAL CURL: If your piece is made with natural body, here is a good way to add a bit more curl/wave into the piece. 

Stretching the Base: It is advisable to bring the piece to a professional wig maker or store that does alterations and have this task performed by qualified professionals at a nominal fee.

We do not suggest wearing your human hair or synthetic wig while sleeping. It can cause matting in at the nape and shorten its shelf life.
Do not scratch your human hair wig with your fingers or your cap as it can loosen or break the small knots where the hair is attached.


Always keep your scalp clean by wiping it with an organic soap and warm water with a washcloth or cotton ball with toner on it. Yonka Toner or Witch Hazel is terrific. You can find it at most beauty supply stores and drug stores. However, just keeping it clean with an organic soap and water is usually good enough. Feel free to write me with any questionsAmy@CreatedHair.com