Ladies remember, if you’re good to your little lady, she’ll be good to you.

So keep her clean and store her carefully in a cool dry environment.

Your Topper may be washed just as if it was your own hair. We suggest washing her once every month. However, as I always say, “you’ll know when she needs to be cleaned as you will notice an unfavorable scent and she won’t move as she freely as she normally does when clean.

BEFORE WASHING: Make sure you have gently brushed through your piece and removed any tangles.

Simply unclip the top piece and make certain that you snap all of the clips closed before you get it wet so it does not snag the hair.

Do Not Twirl the piece as this can cause the hair to tangle. Just place 1/2 capful of good wig shampoo in a bowl of water and move the piece through the water – lifting it straight up and out of the water as you wash. Do Not Twirl.

To rinse – just hold the piece at the front and hold it under the faucet – rinsing the piece with the water going in one direction only. Or get a fresh bowl of water and move her through the water as stated above and once again lifting her straight up and out of the water as you wash. Do Not Twirl.

To condition – put a small amount of conditioner in your hand and run through her hair especially the ends. Try to keep away from the root as too much conditioner will loosen the knots where the hair is sewn in.

Then rinse as above. Make sure you rinse the conditioner from the piece until suds no longer appear.

We suggest washing your pc. with only conditioner every 2 washes as sometimes shampoo can dry out the piece and change the integrity of the air.

Other styling products you normally use may be used on the piece to style as necessary.

When styling the piece after regular washes, we suggest pinning the extension clip or top piece to a styrofoam head with 1 1/2″ T-Pins which can be purchased at any fabric store, then if you prefer, proceed to blow dry or use any heat styling product such as heat rollers, flat irons or curling irons. The hair may also left out to dry naturally.

When not wearing your piece, we recommend storing it pinned to a doll head or Styrofoam head, so as not to disturb the style that has been set.

When using heat products we suggest “lightly spritzing” a Thermal Protectant on each section of hair before styling which will help prevent the hair from burning.

Have fun!