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Integration Toppers


These are a wonderful design for those with fine hair who want a piece to work naturally with their own hair. Designed for integrating your own hair though the openings. Attach with a combination of small wig clips for a secure fit or can be glued on by your stylist if you prefer bonding. The base is flexible and lightweight making it comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Integrations by custom order only.

Mono Top with wide integration and a polyurethane edge which is great when used with tape or glue for bonding.

Mono Top with with a polyurethane edge and small honeycomb base.

Mono Top with with a polyurethane edge and medium square honeycomb base.

Mono Top with with medium square soft honeycomb base.

“Meeting Amy was a wonderful experience and her positive attitude made losing my hair less difficult. I was delighted to have her help when selecting my hairpieces. She is so encouraging that you feel that you can handle any problem. Thank you, Amy, for your “life-support.”


“I took my friend to CreatedHair and met with Amy Gibson. My friend has been suffering from extreme hair thinning and she’s only 28. But meeting Amy today changed her life in two ways: 1. She was with someone who also has alopecia, alleviating so much of her fear. Amy was so incredibly patient; 2. It was amazing how she put her into a beautiful human hair wig, and by the time we were done styling, she looked exactly like herself again and raved about how comfortable and realistic her new wig was. Thank you Amy, you’re a lifesaver!!”

Kelly J.

“I recently lost my hair due to radiation, and that was the heartbreaking moment when I realized things weren’t going to be the same from that point on in my life. I then found Amy and her CreatedHair studio, where they completely transformed my hair into something that was not only what my hair looked like before, but into something that I couldn’t have ever imagined. This isn’t just a review for CreatedHair, this is a thank you letter to Amy and her master stylist Kathleen, who instilled the confidence I once had back into my life. CreatedHair is a great business run by amazing people. Definitely a five-star way to go. “

Ian L.