The Basics

Toxins from chemotherapy and medication are released though urine and perspiration. It’s important while wearing alternative hair that you keep your scalp clean twice a day to avoid any possible pimples, cysts or infection.

For those of you experiencing the effects of chemotherapy and/or radiation on your skin or scalp:

Regular soap and shampoo made with any detergents can be extremely drying. Witch Hazel is an astringent that works well on the scalp. You can place a little witch hazel liquid on a small cotton pad or purchase they be purchased in pre-made boxes. If used in ‘occasionally’ it can clean well without drying the scalp too much.

For some of my clients, using it everyday caused excessive drying, for others it worked fine using it everyday. You just have to try it for yourself and see what kind of result you achieve with it as everyone’/s experience is individual.

Another good alternative is a mild shampoo containing no sulfates and a low amount of alcohol.

With any product, if you feel any dryness rub a small amount of Burdock root on the scalp.