CreatedHair by Amy Gibson


Createdhair is an exclusive very private Wig Studio and Home for all your Hair Loss and Hair Replacement needs where Excellent Hair Quality, Genuine Caring, Personal Service, and Fine Workmanship are the main priorities.

We specialize in Cancer Wigs, Alopecia Wigs, as well as those simply seeking to enhance their look with Beautiful Luxury Hair in a variety of colors and styles to not only explore in person but custom-make to your personal perfection.

Conveniently Located

We are very near Calabasas, CA, and about 2 miles from the 405 freeway and we are very easy to find.


We Offer Zoom, Skype, and In-Person Consultations.

I Walk In Your Shoes

As a bald woman living with Alopecia, I’m personally sensitive to women’s hair loss and understand what is needed for you to enjoy a comfortable lightweight authentic-looking wig that “looks like the YOU, you crave.”

This perspective comes simply from 25 years of experience wearing custom wigs, and 17 years designing wigs and hairpieces; all to bring women and children living with hair loss peace of mind.

Having Alopecia, along with personally working in a hospital with hundreds of Cancer Patients needing cancer wigs, has given me a deep understanding of what base cap is needed for sensitive scalps. This is vital.

Let’s Talk

The first step in helping you is to have a conversation. You can schedule a Zoom Call with Amy so she can learn what you need and discover the best ways to help you. Go ahead, “click” the button on this page and schedule, she’s looking forward to meeting you!

Keeping Your Secret

As an Emmy-Nominated actress starring on television for over two decades as well as working with many celebrities wanting to keep their discretion, I have gained invaluable insight to fully comprehend what it takes to make a ‘wig that looks like real hair.’ For those of you who have been on the search for the best human hair wigs know this is the Key to attaining Wig Success!

The Leading Expert is Acknowledged Everywhere…

What Sets CreatedHair Apart

Best Quality Hair Wigs Near Calabasas, CA

CreatedHair goes to great lengths scouring the globe to get only the Finest Luxury European Virgin Hair to use for our custom hair wigs and Hair Pieces. This way we know the quality and make of the hair being used in our cancer wigs and for your personal important investment.


1 out of 10 stylists really know how to cut and color wigs. We’ve spent years creating a team of excellent stylists as I refer to as our “personal artists” who know exactly how to cut and color “non-breathing hair” used for human hair wigs and top pieces and who have over 30 years of experience in matching an exact look.

Customizing for Your Immediate Needs with CreatedHair ResQ Repair Team

Unlike most wig stores, CreatedHair is about attending to your personal needs.  Our excellent CreatedHair ResQ Repair Team is standing by to successfully alter your wig and implement changes needed for immediate use.

Let’s talk so that we can learn how I can help you the best, and give you the look that you’ve always wanted!


Learn everything you need to know and some of the secrets that the pros use when picking wigs with Amy’s handy guide.