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Feel the Peace of Mind

Welcome to Wigscape™

A world that is totally safe, comfortable, private and only yours to explore.

Wigscape™ is the first comprehensive cyber home for women 18-90, of all ethnicities, who are experiencing any form of hair loss and searching for positive solutions, dependable products, and personal guidance from professionals with over 20 years experience who have extensive experience and knowledge, who understand the hair loss/image/re-growth journey.

No more hours of searching the web and YouTube for answers at a most frustrating time. Through our proprietary technology, you will get exactly what you need to know, all under one roof, all in a matter of seconds… instead of hours.

Our ‘one on one’ personal approach will assist you in overcoming fears, help build your confidence, and ultimately offer you a more positive approach to the hair loss/wig issue, while leaving you with knowledge, and ultimately peace of mind.

Mission of Authenticity

At Wigscape™ you’ll hear it like it is. Which products work, which products don’t and why. If you like your information sugar-coated, we’re not for you.

Want to understand your hair condition better?

Get real info. from one of our Wigscape™ physicians.

Looking for the latest hair growth technologies?

Tune in to what’s on the horizon.

How do you find the correct style and color for your shaped face and skin tone?
Curious how that style and color you’ve always wondered about will look on you.

“Style Me Up”, our proprietary technology, allows you to define your facial structure and the styles that work best for you. Just scan your photos into our site and see if that style works for you before going to the extent of purchasing it.

Wanting to understand which textured hair is right for you and which products and styling techniques work best?

Follow along with Kathleen Leonard; One of Hollywood’s Leading Celebrity Stylists. Emmy Nominated for her work on The Voice and known for her hair styling talents on World of Dance, Brooklyn 99, and years of television and film. Kathleen is lead stylist and partner at CreatedHair.com for 17 years. Get ready, she’s the real deal!

Seeking to know how to get started and which hair solution is right for you?

Our ‘juicy’ instructions and useful tips from Wig Designer, Cancer and Alopecia expert and Wigscape™ founder Amy Gibson, will help you on your ‘Created Hair’ journey… It’s time to get off the emotional roller coaster that can often accompany hair loss. You can be more in control. You can find more peace of mind and have fun during this time.

Our 1 on 1 Zoom Segments:

Meet the people behind the brands. Peek at the personal stories behind the CEO’s and Chief Science officers of hair corporations and find out what made them take big risks to make a difference in the medical hair loss industry.

No Ads. Our aim is to stay away from Ads to keep the experience as organic, authentic and non-invasive as possible.

We will ask a few important questions along the way, as they’ll help us define our user’s needs to better serve the beautiful and courageous, Created Hair community. We appreciate your honest feedback.

Get empowered with Wigscape™.


Kind regards,

Amy Gibson

Founder Wigscape™

CEO CreatedHair

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